Fastest internet port scanner: Masscan

This post might be a little different, it little is on the nonethical side. But I am writing it with curiosity. I am sure many of you many know about it. Let’s start with this thing.

Recently I have been working on a project to transfer my current website to the cloud will messing around some logs I came across something called masscan.
I had no clue whats going on with this agent having a GitHub URL in access logs. In curiosity, it checked it out. Found that its the fastest port scanner. Facts claimed by the author can scan the whole internet in under 6 minutes with 10 million packets per second from a single machine.

Apparently it has made similar to Nmap, so people knowing Nmap won’t have a problem using it.

Let’s Jump too installation process. You will learn more by practically trying it. So, here is the link for that:

  • Installation of some important requirements
sudo apt-get install git gcc make libpcap-dev
  • Clone the git library
git clone
  • Go to the library
cd masscan
  • Build the program

This puts the program in the masscan/bin subdirectory. You’ll have to manually copy it to something like /usr/local/bin if you want to install it elsewhere on the system.

Or if you are using kali or ubuntu you can install it simply using the package installer

sudo apt-get install masscan

Usage guide:

Scan internet scan:

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